The CESeCore project

Open Source Security Core

Taking on the form of a common security function Java library, the CESeCore security core provides a reusable base for implementing third-party trustworthy systems. The ready-made CESeCore library simplifies development of secure software and is made available as open source (for more information, please check the Downloads section).

Common Criteria certified

In order to ensure that it meets the highest security requirements, CESeCore has been certified as Common Criteria EAL4+, for which the certificate was issued on 14/06/2012. Additionally, CESeCore allows for Common Criteria certification to be easily extended to relying products and applications, especially if they rely on the already certified security functions.

Integrator friendly

CESeCore integrators are able to correct, improve and extend their applications at any time — without the need to perform frequent system re-evaluations, nor perform continous checks of the security functions implemented by the security core (including features like digital signature creation/validation, digital certificate and CRLs creation, key management and maintenance of a secure audit log). For more information, please check technical documentation available at the Downloads section.


A consortium of four IT security companies promotes the CESeCore project: PrimeKey (main partner, Sweden), MULTICERT (Portugal), E-Imza (Turkey) and Commfides (Norway).

As a natural consequence of the project, CESeCore has been integrated in several products, such as PrimeKey's EJBCA.


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